Psychoeducational Groups: Process and Practice by Nina W. Brown

Psychoeducational Groups: Process and Practice

Book Title: Psychoeducational Groups: Process and Practice

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415882397

Author: Nina W. Brown

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Nina W. Brown with Psychoeducational Groups: Process and Practice

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With this third edition, Psychoeducational Groups remains the only comprehensive, user-friendly guide to planning, implementing, facilitating, and evaluating psychoeducational groups. It presents all the necessary information to prepare leaders of a psychoeducational group through group design and practice. Included are step-by-step guidelines on how to initiate group sessions, construct group objectives, engage group members, monitor progress, and establish evaluation and follow-up guidelines. Emphasis is placed on the personal growth and development of the group leader, with careful consideration given to increasing awareness of personal issues and the potential impact that a leader can have on the group. New to this edition are chapters on cultural and diversity factors; risk management and ethics; groups for relating and communication; and groups in educational, agency, and workplace settings.